Natural Color Diamond

With natural color diamonds, the strength of color is one of the most important factors in determining their value. The value of a natural color diamond increases with the intensity of the most prominent color within the diamond. Pinks, yellows and black colored diamonds exist as well as red, purple, green, orange, blue and shades of browns from champagne to cognacs.

The grading system to set the pricing for natural color diamonds starts at the faintest color diamonds at the lower end of the price scale and then increasing through light, fancy, fancy-dark, fancy-intense, fancy-deep and finally fancy-vivid. This remains the same regardless of which color the natural color diamond is.

Natural Color Diamond Engagement Ring

For brides-to-be who envision a natural color diamond engagement ring as the perfect expression of their style and personality, a pink natural color diamond is often a favorite choice although some may choose a stand-out yellow natural color diamond. Yellow diamond engagement rings are currently a hot trend among many Hollywood stars, although pink diamonds are often considered the ultimate color of femininity. Mariah Carey is one such celebrity with a pink colored diamond engagement ring. Heidi Klum’s ring finger is adorned with a yellow, or Canary diamond engagement ring and Carmen Electra wears a black natural diamond ring.

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