Precious Metals

Martin Flyer’s handcrafted products fall within three major areas of fine jewelry; Bridal, featuring our FlyerFit® by Martin Flyer Brand, Classic Diamond Product, and Fashion from our newly created Martin Flyer Fashion Division. Martin Flyer offers a wide range of well designed, finely crafted jewelry suitable for every occasion. Each piece is handcrafted by experienced artisans, using the finest raw materials of
hand selected diamonds and precious metals.

Read more about the precious metals used by Martin Flyer which includes the following:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Palladium


Strength and Durability- Platinum’s strength and durability make it the most secure setting for diamonds and precious gemstones. Platinum prongs offer better protection for The FlyerFit® by Martin Flyer Bridal Brand offers the consumer the ability to have their center diamond set in platinum even in gold rings.

  • A Platinum engagement ring and wedding band is everlasting, perfect for a lifetime of everyday wear. Platinum’s density makes platinum highly durable, so it doesn’t wear away over time.
  • 95% Pure Platinum – This is one of the main reasons why Platinum is the most expensive of the precious metal, because the purity is higher than gold jewelry products. Platinum’s purity makes it naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  • Martin Flyer uses 95% Platinum in all their platinum jewelry. The other 5% is cobalt which gives our platinum even more strength than other jewelry designers/manufacturers that use a softer alloy called Ruthenium.
  • Naturally White Color- since Platinum is a naturally white metal, meaning it comes from the earth white, it will never fade or change color over time.



Gold is the most popular precious metal in jewelry. When purchasing gold jewelry there are two main things to consider; Carat and Color.

  • Carat- is the gold content of the metal. The carat measures the proportion of pure gold mixed with other metal alloys to make up the final metal
  • 14k gold IS 58.5% Pure and 18K gold is 75% Pure.
  • Color-Martin Flyer offers their designs in white gold, yellow gold and pink or rose gold.
  • Gold comes out of the earth naturally yellow and we use different allots to make the gold different colors. 
  • Martin Flyer’s gold pieces are available in either 14K or 18K gold.
  • The FlyerFit® by Martin Flyer brand offers 18k white gold alloyed with 14.5% palladium. This is a much higher content of palladium than most designers/manufacturers use. Our commitment to using the finest raw materials is evident in our 18K White Gold Products. All white gold is plated with rhodium which keeps the gold white. Overtime the rhodium, like lipstick, will wear off showing the natural color of the white gold which is off white- to yellow in color. The high quantity of our palladium alloy keeps our white gold whiter than most so when the rhodium does wear off it is not as noticeable. 
  • The FlyerFit® by Martin Flyer brand offers free rhodium plating on their pieces for life. See one of our authorized dealers for this service.




Palladium is one of the four precious metals and is part of the platinum family. Palladium is durable like platinum, naturally white like platinum, but light in weight like gold and more affordable than platinum.

  • Palladium is still fairly young as compared to the other precious metals in being used for jewelry. FlyerFit® by Martin Flyer will make certain classification of their bridal product with Palladium. We have found that Solitaires, Three Stone Rings and Channel Rings work best if you choose Palladium. FlyerFit® For HIM our men’s wedding band collection is recommended in Palladium
  • This precious metal stays white, is durable, light and affordable.